SIM validity

For a Lebara SIM card to remain active, you will need to make a chargeable call or send a chargeable SMS within 84 days of your last chargeable call or chargeable SMS. If no chargeable call is made or chargeable SMS sent; your SIM card will expire and the Service will be disconnected.
If you are not going to use your Lebara SIM card for 84 days, then please request for it to be frozen. A Lebara SIM card can be frozen for up to 180 days by sending an email to Customer Services, confirming that you are the owner of your Lebara SIM card by responding to the following security questions:
1.  What is your Lebara number?
2.  What is your name and address.
3.  What was your last top-up amount and what top-up method did you use (online or from a shop).
4.  Which country and number do you call frequently with your Lebara mobile?
5.  What is your alternative contact number incase we need to contact you.
You can unfreeze your Lebara SIM anytime during the frozen period by simply making a call to a friend or family member.

Expired SIM card
Unfortunately, it is not possible to re-activate an expired SIM card however you can order a new free SIM card from here. The new free SIM card will have an alternate number to the number of your expired SIM card.
Additionally, we can transfer the existing credit balance of your expired SIM card to your new free SIM card. To do so, please send an email to Customer Services with the following information:
1.  Your name and address.
2.  The number of your new free SIM card.
3.  The number of your expired SIM and its existing credit balance.
4.  The last top-up amount and top-up method on your expired SIM card (online or from a shop).
5.  A country and number you called frequently from your expired SIM card?

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